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Monday, July 16, 2018

Texas divorce on the rise, according to new studies

Common wisdom has dictated that half of all marriages end in divorce, but it has also been commonly believed that divorce rates across the nation have been steadily dropping since the 1970s. However, it has recently been contended that Texas divorces, as well as separations the nation over, have actually become more common since the days of "free love." New studies suggest that divorce rates are on the rise, largely due to a misunderstanding of existing information on the subject.

Texas women may face divorce issues about income and finances

There are many challenges raised by the prospect of a separation. But as some Texas residents may not be aware, one of the biggest divorce issues faced by individuals, most especially women, is readjusting to a single income. This is particularly true of women who have exited the work force to fill the challenging role of stay-at-home mom.

Determining tax exemptions can cause divorce issues

New parents are sometimes surprised to discover the tax benefits that can come with having children. However, as some Texas residents can attest, those benefits can become some of the most hotly contested divorce issues. Claiming dependents can become complicated when a family splits up, which means it can be very helpful to research the matter ahead of time.

Mother disappears with daughter during child custody dispute

A father in Texas has been subjected to high levels of anxiety over concern for the well-being of his 9-year-old daughter. When a marriage or other important relationship ends, the parties involved are often balancing on an emotional high wire. One may be dealing with an obstinate ex or a child custody dispute, and during this time, it can be challenging to provide the children with the support and stability they desperately need.

Texas divorce rate steadily rising, experts say

The divorce rate has long thought to have been on a decline over the last 30 years across the United States. But new information suggests Texas divorce, and divorce around the nation, is actually on the rise. Of particular note, the prevalence of divorce in later life is also rising, demanding a careful reexamination of preconceived notions about divorce and the reasons for separations.

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