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Texas divorce rate steadily rising, experts say

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The divorce rate has long thought to have been on a decline over the last 30 years across the United States. But new information suggests Texas divorce, and divorce around the nation, is actually on the rise. Of particular note, the prevalence of divorce in later life is also rising, demanding a careful reexamination of preconceived notions about divorce and the reasons for separations.

One of the reasons some believe the perception of the divorce rate was incorrect has to do with how data is collected for American censuses. Divorce-related questions were not covered before 2008, which means the data may have been seriously skewed. The data collected since 2008 seems to indicate a rising trend of divorce, particularly for senior citizens.

The data, some believe, point to a need to reassess how we think of marital stability. While many divorces are still the result of second marriages, more and more the trend is to see long-term marriages break down later in life. It is also worth bearing in mind that census data about unmarried individuals can be further skewed by the increased prevalence of cohabitation, rather than traditional marriage, among the young.

With Texas divorce on the rise, more people may consider separation and divorce as an option in their own marriages. It can be very helpful to both individuals involved in the process to gain a strong understanding of the rights and responsibilities of each spouse in a divorce situation ahead of the filing. This can cut down on difficulties further down the line and help the process to be as efficient and rapid as possible.

Source: The Huffington Post, Is the US Divorce Rate Going Up Rather Than Going Down?, Robert Hughes, Jr., Mar. 6, 2014

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