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Texas divorce further complicated by children

Monday, July 16, 2018

Children often confront a difficult transition period when their parents seek a divorce. Texas divorce can be hard on young people, who may believe they are somehow at fault for the separation. It is important for parents to be sensitive to these issues and to help their children navigate the complicated waters of divorce in order for the whole family to move forward in a healthy way.

Children who believe it is their fault can be plagued by feelings of guilt. They are also prone to believing that one or both parents no longer love them, simply because the marriage did not work out. Parents can help to mitigate these effects by reassuring children that both parents still love the kids, even if they no longer have the same relationship with one another.

Speaking of the relationship between separating parents, it is important for both individuals to maintain a civil and pleasant relationship with their former significant other in front of the children. Kids can grow to feel guilty about the time they spend with one parent if the other is constantly speaking ill of them in their absence. Additionally, remaining polite and cordial while face-to-face can help to put children at ease.

A Texas divorce is not easy on anyone involved, but children are less capable of dealing with the emotional challenges of a separation than adults are. This is why it falls to the parents to limit the potential for hurt on the part of children by conducting themselves in a particular way and by respecting the feelings of their offspring. Some parents choose to seek alternative dispute resolution options such as mediation or a collaborative approach to solve the issues that must be addressed in a manner that is truly in the best interests of the children involved. This can go a long way toward smoothing the divorce process overall.

Source: goodtherapy.org, "Divorce, Separation, and Parenting: a Primer", Ruth Wyatt, April 23, 2014

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