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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Child custody favoring joint status more frequently

Since the mid 1980s, the commonly-cited trend of maternal custody being favored in court rooms has been slowly changing. Today, in Texas and elsewhere, joint child custody is far more the norm in divorce situations. As a result, fewer women than ever have been granted sole custody of their children.

Planning ahead for division of property can pay dividends

Anyone who has been through a divorce is aware that asset division is one of the most challenging parts of the process. Texas couples considering divorce should be aware that division of property can be a complicated issue, and they may benefit from coming to the negotiation table prepared. There are several things to consider ahead of a divorce proceeding in which property division will be an issue.

"Empty nest" leads to divorce issues

The prevalence of so-called "gray divorce" has been on the rise in the last several years, according to many observers. However, in Texas and elsewhere, a new source of divorce issues is being identified as part of the larger gray divorce trend -- that of the so-called "empty nest" divorce. In brief, this refers to the dissolution of a relationship once the children have grown and left the family home.

Texas divorce more likely if wife falls ill, study suggests

While "in sickness and in health" has long been part of traditional marriage vows, it appears the opposite may actually be true. A recent study has suggested that approximately 31 percent of marriages in which one or the other spouse has fallen seriously ill will end in a Texas divorce or its equivalent in other jurisdictions across the nation. While the study's information is not complete, it paints a somewhat dim picture of married life in which chronic or serious illness is an additional factor.

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