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"Empty nest" leads to divorce issues

Sunday, June 24, 2018

The prevalence of so-called "gray divorce" has been on the rise in the last several years, according to many observers. However, in Texas and elsewhere, a new source of divorce issues is being identified as part of the larger gray divorce trend -- that of the so-called "empty nest" divorce. In brief, this refers to the dissolution of a relationship once the children have grown and left the family home.

In the last 20 years, divorce among those over 50 has doubled nationwide. While there are several reasons for this trend, including the relative ease of the divorce process coupled with longer life spans, one of the least cited causes of late-life divorce is a slow but steady decline in romantic feelings between partners. Often, this decline comes about as a result of spouses rediscovering one another after the departure of their adult children, only to find very little connection remains.

The issues associated with this specific kind of divorce can be widespread. Financial woes can be exacerbated if one spouse spent the majority of the marriage out of the workplace, as jobs can be hard to come by for those so long away from the market. As a result, the issue of alimony and spousal support can come to the forefront.

Divorce issues for those choosing to separate late in life can seem more difficult to overcome than they might for a younger couple, as some Texas residents are already aware. However, with the proper support, even those approaching retirement age can achieve an equitable divorce solution that works for both parties. Seeking out the right assistance can be a key in coming to such a solution.

Source: commdiginews.com, "Empty nest divorce: the kids are gone and so is the magic", Myra Fleischer, May 10, 2014

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