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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Division of property should be considered before divorce

It is not always easy to consider the financial implications of a divorce during the process, as emotions tend to run high, and the process can be challenging from that perspective. However, as some Texas residents are aware, division of property is also one of the most important aspects of a divorce agreement. Therefore, it can be helpful to do some advance planning when it comes to individual and shared finances ahead of filing for divorce.

Celebrity divorce finalizes child custody arrangements

A high-profile divorce often captures the attention of the public, such as the child custody issues between Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez during their divorce. Texas readers may have noted, these two famous singers have been in the divorce process for several years. As it is with many non-famous couples, they have had to work through the details of support and child custody arrangements.

1-day divorce may cause further divorce issues

No one enters a marriage expecting it to end in a divorce, but if it does, the general human response is often to attempt to find the least frustrating path to resolution. Here in Texas, as elsewhere around the nation, some people hope to resolve divorce issues quickly and cost efficiently through the use of so-called "one-day" or "DIY" divorce packages that promise a settlement without litigation. However, the system might be too good to be true.

Child support payments being shouldered by women

There is no doubt that the American workplace has a long way to go before true equality between the sexes is achieved, but there is also no doubt that times are changing. More and more, here in Texas and elsewhere, women are beginning to earn as much as, or more than, their male counterparts. When it comes to divorce, this can mean a shift in responsibility for child support payments.

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