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Monday, July 16, 2018

Women entering Texas divorce must be mindful of certain mistakes

While it can be agreed that individuals approach the end of a marriage with different challenges in mind, some experts believe that women are more likely to fall prey to certain kinds of mistakes during the process. Texas divorce can be a complicated topic for anyone, but some divorce lawyers have attributed these errors more often to the female spouse. This only underscores the importance of ensuring that both sides of the spousal unit understand their rights and responsibilities in the divorce process. 

Children seek lawyer to mitigate divorce issues

Divorce can be difficult on children -- this much is a fairly commonly-held truism.  However, Texas residents are likely aware that high-asset divorce situations can bring about a unique set of divorce issues that can have a variety of effects on children.  In the case of a billion-dollar divorce battle, some children -- like the children of Ken and Anne Griffin -- may benefit from independent representation. 

Attention to finances important during a Texas divorce

The month of September is actually a key time during the year that people decide to get divorced. This may be because breaking the news might be easier to do when the fun summer vacation has already been taken but before the holidays arrive. A few tips can help people going through a Texas divorce to protect their best interests in Texas.

Divorce issues including asset division can be contentious

Money may not be the root of all evil, but it is certainly a point of contention in many divorce cases. Of all divorce issues faced by Texas residents, asset and debt division is one of the largest and most complicated. This is particularly so considering Texas is a community property state, which means the process is more complicated than simply dividing everything 50/50.

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