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Children seek lawyer to mitigate divorce issues

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Divorce can be difficult on children -- this much is a fairly commonly-held truism.  However, Texas residents are likely aware that high-asset divorce situations can bring about a unique set of divorce issues that can have a variety of effects on children.  In the case of a billion-dollar divorce battle, some children -- like the children of Ken and Anne Griffin -- may benefit from independent representation. 

In a highly-publicized divorce process, billionaire hedge fund operator Ken Griffin filed for divorce back in July of this year from financier wife Anne.  One of the primary issues in their divorce is custody of their minor children.  Griffin is seeking a joint custody arrangement, while his wife is suing for full custody with reasonable visitation rights for her estranged husband.  

Griffin has asked the court to assign his children a "children's representative" -- a specially-trained litigator who can help look out for children's rights in a divorce situation.  The technical term for this representative, whose appointment has been approved of the court dealing with the divorce, is "guardian ad litem." It is hoped that the assignment of this guardian to the Griffin children will help the divorce process along and will ensure the rights and well-being of the kids maintain priority in the proceedings. 

High-asset divorce can put a great deal of pressure on family situations, considering divorce issues like trust funds and inheritance can come into play, not to mention child custody.  Texas residents may not be in a situation in which billions of dollars rest on their divorce proceedings, but it is important to remember that children deserve to have their rights and needs looked after as well.  Individual situations may vary, but it can't hurt to look into the duties and benefits of a children's representative if both parties feel it could be helpful.  

Source: Chicago Tribune, "3 Griffin kids get a lawyer in billionaire couple's divorce", Joel Levin, Sept. 12, 2014

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