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Monday, July 16, 2018

The attitude of family law toward alimony is changing

As many in Texas know, how women are viewed by society has changed significantly over the course of the last 60 years. Whereas women were traditionally expected to get married and stay at home and care for children, now more women are attending college and earning degrees. In some cases, men are opting to stay at home and care for children. With that shift, the way women are treated in family law proceedings is also starting to shift, specifically in how alimony is handled.

Divorce issues can arise when one spouse contends it

A divorce is challenging enough when both members of a couple mutually agree it's the best course of action. Some Texas residents can attest that more divorce issues arise when one spouse wants to split and the other doesn't. Thankfully, there are ways to mitigate these issues, usually to do with planning ahead. 

Unique divorce issues faced in "gray divorce"

An interesting new study has suggested that not only are individuals choosing to divorce later in life, they are doing so after protracted marriages. Texas residents may be surprised to note that the prevalence of "gray divorce" does not limit itself to individuals on second or third marriages. This raises a unique set of divorce issues that will be faced by those who are entering their retirement years as recently single people. 

Retirement account often overlooked among divorce issues

There are a number of different challenges that both spouses will face in a divorce situation.  Texas residents are well aware of the depth and breadth of divorce issues ranging from child custody to asset division. However, in the case of dividing property and assets, one particular asset is often overlooked entirely -- the retirement plan.

Former "American Idol" judge may face divorce issues

The man who arguably popularized the term "dawg" is facing a potentially difficult separation, according to celebrity news. Texas residents will remember Randy Jackson as one of the original judges on the hit television show "American Idol," where he gauged the singing ability of amateur performers for over a decade.  Now, his wife is filing for divorce, and considering his popularity and net worth, he may face unique divorce issues

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