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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Divorce issues seem most prevalent in March, according to some

It is widely accepted in divorce litigation circles that March is "divorce month," which is to say that many attorneys see a spike in their divorce cases during this period of time. The divorce issues faced by individual couples here in Texas and elsewhere will often vary case-by-case, but the reasons for choosing a particular month may be similar across the board. In any case, thinking ahead about planning for a divorce can only have positive repercussions for the process itself.

Divorce issues likened to air traffic control by some

Dealing with divorce is challenging for any couple deciding to take the step to end their marriage. When considered with divorce issues familiar to many Texas residents – child custody, alimony and the like – it can become an extremely complicated juggling act to come to a mutually agreed-upon solution through negotiation. However, by prioritizing issues and seeking support in planning for how to deal with them, couples can streamline the divorce process toward the goal of a more expedient divorce. 

Myths about divorce issues can be damaging to process

It is a truism that divorce is a difficult transition. No Texas resident will deny that divorce issues are challenging to overcome, particularly as they pertain to division of property and child custody. However, for those facing the potential of divorce, it is extremely important that they do not succumb to the incorrect information spread about divorce, lest their journey be more difficult than it needs to be. 

Some divorce issues may be mitigated by collaborative divorce

Divorce can be a complicated process to understand and in which to take part. Some Texas residents have a strong understanding of the divorce issues which can come into play and make a tough situation even harder – finances, child custody and other factors can turn spouses into enemies by the end of a divorce trial. This is perhaps why some individuals have opted for the comparatively modern "collaborative divorce" model, meant to mitigate some of these issues and smooth the road for everyone involved. 

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