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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Divorce issues include unforeseen costs

There are obvious costs associated with divorce -- legal fees are the most common, of course, but in addition, there can be other costs not everyone will immediately consider. Given the breadth of divorce issues that can arise during a negotiation, Texas residents may be facing unique costs associated with the process for which they may not be prepared. Of course, the nature of these costs depend on the specifics of the divorce in question. 

Divorce issues may be mitigated by "divorce team"

It is no secret that divorce can be rife with unforeseen challenges. Texas residents familiar with the process know that divorce issues can crop up in the most unlikely ways, making an already difficult process that much more draining for both parties involved. This is partially why some experts have suggested that building out a "divorce team" of professionals to help both parties through the process could be beneficial across the board. 

Preparing for post-divorce issues

It is important for any couple approaching divorce to remember that divorce is a continuing process that can extend well beyond the official end of a marriage. Texas residents with retirement plans, or children, or even just accrued assets may be dealing with divorce issues even past the point where the agreement has been signed. Seeking out the support of qualified professionals in preparing for and meeting these challenges can be helpful to the overall process.

Joint child custody a better option for many Texas divorces

The issue of "who gets the children" is often forefront in the minds of soon-to-be-divorced parents, largely because culture has reinforced the idea through media representation that one parent typically receives sole custody. Indeed, Texas residents facing child custody arrangements today may even have been given advice suggesting that spending the majority of time with one parent would provide kids with a more "stable" environment. However, a new study suggests the opposite might be true. 

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