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Divorce issues include unforeseen costs

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

There are obvious costs associated with divorce -- legal fees are the most common, of course, but in addition, there can be other costs not everyone will immediately consider. Given the breadth of divorce issues that can arise during a negotiation, Texas residents may be facing unique costs associated with the process for which they may not be prepared. Of course, the nature of these costs depend on the specifics of the divorce in question. 

For instance, not every divorce will require the services of a specialist like a forensic accountant, who is typically brought in when there are suspicions surrounding one spouse hiding marital assets in the interest of not dividing them. In many divorces this will not be an issue, but for the scenarios in which these services could be useful, they can result in more money saved down the line. However, an up-front cost must be expected. 

Additionally, depending upon the couple's state of residence, the issue of filing fees can arise. Typically, a fee must be paid for an individual to petition for divorce, and quite often the other spouse files a counter petition. This means that regardless who files first, both parties may eventually be required to pay this fee in many jurisdictions. 

Divorce issues are as varied and unique as the Texas residents who seek to end their marriages. This means that a variety of costs can be incurred throughout the process that neither individual might have foreseen. Seeking out support in planning for these eventualities can help to prepare both individuals for the costs they will incur, leading to a smoother transition into single life. 

Source: stltoday.com, "How much does divorce really cost?", Rebecca Zung, May 22, 2015

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