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Health not necessarily affected by divorce issues

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

It has been long held that the stress of a divorce can be hard on an individual's health. Obviously, there is some truth to this. Texas residents can attest that among many divorce issues, the emotional and sometimes financial pressure can be a lot to take. However, new studies suggest that the long-term effects on individuals undergoing divorce may have been overblown. 

Researchers looking into these questions have been surprised by the results of more recent studies, which suggest that the negative health effects associated with divorce are not particularly long-lasting. In many cases, the transition into a single life or a life with a new partner can actually be beneficial. In some cases, this is actually not surprising.

The quality of a relationship, some researchers have said, actually has more to do with the state of an individual's health. Staying in a toxic or otherwise unsatisfying marriage, particularly at the behest of dependent children, can put more stress on an individual than ending a relationship in a healthy, or at least decisive, way. People who choose to stay in unhappy relationships may even be at higher risk for long-term health effects than those who choose to make the admittedly challenging decision to end it.

Long-term studies are required to build on these initial findings, which is to be expected. In the meantime, however, it is probably fair to say that while divorce issues can play a role in short-term health, Texas residents may benefit from looking into other options -- such as counseling or making the decision to divorce -- rather than staying in unhealthy relationships. With the proper logistical support, both parties are free to stabilize their separate lives once a divorce is finalized. 

Source: theguardian.com, "Divorce not bad for your long-term health, study suggests", Nicola Slawson, June 11, 2015

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