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Technology can cause further divorce issues

Sunday, June 24, 2018

In the modern world, most people use social media and other communication technology fairly regularly, even as part of their jobs. Texas residents should not be surprised that use of this technology can influence marital separations and indeed can even create new divorce issues. Surprisingly, however, many individuals experiencing divorce do not think of their social media outlets as important parts of the process. 

A recent survey suggested that some 97 percent of divorce litigators have seen a significant increase in the use of social media posts and smart phone records as evidence in divorce cases. This was especially true of text messages, which can be retrieved by specialized technology companies and presented in court even if they were deleted from the device. Some experts have suggested that the commonality of digital communication has blinded people to its permanence. 

Emotions, not just carelessness, can play a role in social media exchanges. Divorce is a very emotionally charged event, and sometimes things said in the heat of anger can come back to haunt an individual if it was said in a format that can be saved and presented to a court. Many experts suggest shutting down social media and stopping text messaging altogether during a divorce proceeding to limit the potential for this sort of evidence being presented. 

Not every divorce is amicable, and Texas residents are well aware of the sort of divorce issues that can come with a contentious divorce. These can be exacerbated by the digital footprint of one or both spouses. Seeking proper support in filing a divorce and proceeding through the separation effectively can limit the potential for emotion, aided by technology, to make a bad situation worse. 

Source: The Columbus Dispatch, "Technology potent tool in divorce cases", Rita Price, June 14, 2015

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