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Monday, May 21, 2018

Later marriage may exacerbate divorce issues

It has long been held that those who wait to get married until they are more financially and emotionally stable generally lead longer and healthier married lives. However, Texas residents might be surprised to hear that a new study is refuting that time-honored wisdom. In fact, it may be the case that divorce issues are only exacerbated the longer a couple waits to be wed. 

Creating a visitation plan in military divorce may be challenging

In addition to the stumbling blocks associated with child visitation after a divorce, military parents in Texas commonly have to deal with additional issues. When creating a visitation plan in a military divorce, attention must be paid to potential transfers to other states, even deployment to other countries. In these circumstances unstructured visitation plans in which visitation is worked out between parents to suit the circumstances may be more effective than structured plans that may not be practical. Although child custody is governed by the state, addressing these issues in the visitation plan may avoid arguments at the time when a parent is deployed or transferred.

Performing artist DMX arrested before show on child support issue

A concert that was recently scheduled to take place in a venue far east of Texas came to an abrupt halt before it even began. The Master of Ceremonies, DMX, was arrested outside the building just before the show was about to start. The reason for the arrest reportedly involved a child support issue.

Texas couples learn about divorce issues from celeb divorce

With the impending divorce of celebrity stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner on the front page of every tabloid nationwide, divorce once again takes center stage in America. But for many Texas residents, divorce issues can be something of a mystery. While the differences in assets may be vast, Texans could learn something about the divorce process by paying attention to this particular case.

Military divorce: Child support and custody present challenges

When military parents decide to file for divorce, they typically have to face more stumbling blocks than most other parents. Many people believe that a military parent will never be awarded primary child custody federal and state child custody laws also govern military families in Texas. The problems associated with child custody and military parents come in when parenting and visitation plans have to be drafted. When it comes to child support, though, the military has regulations for cases in which there are no child support orders in place.

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