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Later marriage may exacerbate divorce issues

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

It has long been held that those who wait to get married until they are more financially and emotionally stable generally lead longer and healthier married lives. However, Texas residents might be surprised to hear that a new study is refuting that time-honored wisdom. In fact, it may be the case that divorce issues are only exacerbated the longer a couple waits to be wed. 

A new study, conducted by a psychology professor, is suggesting that individuals who marry at age 30 or later are actually at higher risk of divorce than those who marry younger. This study reportedly accounted for socioeconomic status, race and income in its findings. It appears 30 might be a magic age at which the rates of divorce drastically change. 

For example, a couple who weds under the age of 30 is, according to the study, 11 percent less likely to divorce with each preceding year. This means a 28-year-old couple is 11 percent less likely to divorce than their 29-year-old counterparts. However, once the age of 30 is reached, the divorce rate trends the other direction, becoming five percent more likely with each passing year. 

Obviously divorce issues are more complicated than can simply be explained away by what age a couple weds. Regardless, Texas residents may wish to be mindful of the potential for divorce and, should it come to pass, treat it with the gravity such a situation is due. Seeking out professional support in handling divorce issues can help to shorten the duration of a settlement period and send both individuals into their new lives faster and more happily. 

Source: people.com, "People Who Get Married in Mid-30s or Later at Higher Risk for Divorce, New Study Suggests", Maria Yagoda, July 21, 2015

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