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Monday, December 11, 2017

Gauging the viability of collaborative Texas divorce

Since the Uniform Collaborative Law Act passed in 2009, Texas has been a front-runner among the states in adopting collaborative divorce as a viable alternative to litigation for divorcing couples. A Texas divorce is typically a challenge for both parties and any children involved, which is why more and more Texans are choosing to work with their attorneys toward a collaborative divorce solution. In essence, collaborative divorce offers the opportunity for alternative dispute resolution as a means of achieving a fair and comprehensive divorce settlement without the need to litigate issues in court. 

Divorce issues for younger couples often overlooked

Everyone knows that divorce is a challenging process for both parties. Here in Texas, the rise of gray divorce has led many people to focus on the challenges faced by the over-50 crowd. But it may come as a surprise that couples are also dealing with divorce issues unique to those in their 20s. 

Divorce issues for older couples different than for the young

People over 50 are separating more regularly than in the past, a phenomenon commonly called "gray divorce." However, the question of why this is happening is only now being addressed. One of the divorce issues most commonly cited as a facilitator for gray divorce is personal finance, which may surprise Texas residents. While younger couples lack the financial stability to strike out on their own, older couples often do not face such challenges. 

Divorce issues faced by celebrities not dissimilar to average

It might be difficult for the average citizen to imagine a flashy, publicized celebrity divorce having anything in common with the experience of a so-called "normal" couple. However, Texas residents might be surprised to learn that certain "tricks of the trade" can help regular people work through divorce issues as much as they help the stars. Here are a few options to consider. 

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