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Divorce issues for younger couples often overlooked

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Everyone knows that divorce is a challenging process for both parties. Here in Texas, the rise of gray divorce has led many people to focus on the challenges faced by the over-50 crowd. But it may come as a surprise that couples are also dealing with divorce issues unique to those in their 20s. 

Social media is an inextricable part of life, particularly for younger people. As a result, the desire to document major life experiences – including divorce – can be almost second nature to individuals of that age group. However, experts recommend keeping mum about separations in an online setting, as a single post made in anger never really disappears and could complicate a settlement farther down the line. 

It may also be beneficial for younger couples to consider divorce mediation instead of going to court. As there are typically fewer assets and debts to consider for such a short-lived marriage, mediation can sometimes be the better option for a faster and less expensive settlement. However, this is not true of every case, and it is recommended that individuals research all their options before deciding upon the course of action that's right for them. 

While some divorce issues are common to anyone going through the process, others are unique to individuals facing divorce at a young age. Texas residents in this position are reminded that an early divorce can be a blessing – a lesson learned early in life rather than years later when the process can be more complicated. With the appropriate professional support, both parties can move forward into fulfilling lives. 

Source: The Huffington Post, "8 Pieces Of Advice For Divorce In Your 20s", Brittany Wong, Aug. 13, 2015

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