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TV star Kaley Cuoco to divide assets in divorce

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

While celebrity divorces are often the topic of some news coverage, they can sometimes teach important lessons about divorce preparedness. Kaley Cuoco, who Texas fans will know as the star of the hit television series "The Big Bang Theory," has announced that she and her husband, tennis player Ryan Sweeting, have officially divorced. What is interesting about this story from a divorce law perspective is that the couple will divide assets based on a prenuptial agreement. 

The prenup, as it is commonly called, has often been considered the province of the rich and famous, who have a lot of assets they could stand to lose in a divorce situation. Certainly Cuoco and Sweeting have accrued no small amount of marital assets since their marriage nearly two years ago. Here in Texas, which is a community property state, a couple would be required to split those assets right down the middle. However, in the case that a prenuptial agreement has been signed, the regular state rules may not apply. 

Cuoco and Sweeting signed a prenup in November 2013, a full month before they were officially married. While the specifics of their agreement have not been made public, the agreement did stipulate what kind of spousal support would be assigned and to whom. It also likely outlines how marital assets will be divided, which may not be based upon either the community property or equitable distribution models. 

While prenuptial agreements may not be for everyone, Texas residents should be aware of all their options before marriage, let alone divorce. A prenup can have a massive impact on how a divorcing couple will divide assets and debts between them. However, even in the absence of such an agreement, support is available for individuals who wish to better understand how asset division works before approaching the negotiation table. 

Source: business-standard.com, "Kaley Cuoco officially files for divorce from Ryan Sweeting", Sept. 29, 2015

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