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Monday, May 21, 2018

In some cases, stepfather may be liable for child support

Every legal rule can be anticipated to have some exceptions. The law seeks to be flexible and rearrange its principles with the changing needs and circumstances of the times. One general rule in family law is that a stepfather will not be liable to pay child support to the biological mother. The rule, however, may possibly be modified in Texas and other states to impose child support obligations on a stepfather when certain facts are present.

Thinking about divorce issues can help curb them

With so-called "divorce month" occurring in January, when attorneys report a spike in divorce filings, it seems clear that the holiday season is a prime time for some people to re-evaluate their relationships. It may be of interest to Texas residents, however, that some experts believe thinking actively about divorce can actually lead to reconciliation. Even if it does not, planning ahead can curb the severity of divorce issues if a separation comes to pass. 

Waiting for holidays' end may exacerbate divorce issues

It is common knowledge among many divorce attorneys that March is "divorce month." As Texas residents may be aware, couples on the verge of divorce traditionally wait until after the holiday season to pursue negotiations, for a variety of reasons. But some observers question whether waiting the additional time might actually make divorce issues more prevalent. 

Preparing for potential divorce issues

It is not easy to talk about divorce, especially in the context of an otherwise-happy marriage. However, Texas residents are well aware that divorce is an everyday reality for many couples across America. Some experts suggest that thinking about and planning for divorce issues, even if spouses are happy together, is a good forward-thinking step to take. 

Texas divorce starts with broaching the topic

Approaching a divorce can be a touchy subject even for couples who have considered the process as an option. A Texas divorce is often tough to tackle in a dispassionate way, and this is no more true than when one spouse wants a divorce while the other does not, as some Texas residents are aware. However, approaching the conversation correctly can improve conditions moving forward. 

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