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Waiting for holidays' end may exacerbate divorce issues

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

It is common knowledge among many divorce attorneys that March is "divorce month." As Texas residents may be aware, couples on the verge of divorce traditionally wait until after the holiday season to pursue negotiations, for a variety of reasons. But some observers question whether waiting the additional time might actually make divorce issues more prevalent. 

One major factor in the decision to wait for a divorce is the couple's finances. The holidays tend to be a period of major spending for many American families, and time is required to recoup those expenses before proceeding with a divorce. Additionally, many couples who choose to wait will use the first three months of the year to prepare for the divorce, including securing legal representation. 

However, some experts feel this extra time is not helpful to a couple already struggling. The holiday season tends to create additional stress for married couples, especially those with children, which can bring the troubles in their marriage into even more stark relief. This increase in stress can have a negative effect on subsequent divorce proceedings, not to mention the financial burdens of the season, which could operate to further delay divorce proceedings. 

Of course, divorce issues are dealt with differently by individual couples, and there is not a "right" way to conduct proceedings. However, it can be helpful if both individuals understand their rights and responsibilities under Texas law in advance of pursuing a settlement. Divorce is not an easy road, and the more professional support a couple can rely upon, the more likely that road will be smoother for all involved. 

Source: Miami Herald, "Studies show couples wait until after holidays to divorce", Tim Grant, Dec. 14, 2015

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