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Osbournes set to divide assets in surprise divorce

Friday, March 23, 2018

While celebrity divorce is not exactly news, considering its prevalence in modern culture, it can be a valuable touchstone for average people experiencing the end of a marriage. Texas music fans are no doubt familiar with John "Ozzy" Osbourne and his wife Sharon, who have been a celebrity couple for some 33 years. However, even rock and roll royalty can find themselves at the end of a road, and the Osbournes are now poised to divide assets as part of their divorce process. 

The couple resides in a no-fault state and while they do have children, all of them are grown adults. As a result, the divorce proceedings will ignore child custody arrangements, and instead will focus more specifically upon property and asset division. It is unknown what kind of debt the couple may have accrued over their time together, but those debts will also be divided in a divorce agreement. 

Considering the fame and success both spouses have achieved over their married life, it seems likely that any asset division will deal with large sums of money and property. There may also be a question of alimony, depending upon the court's reading of the situation. While infidelity is suspected as part of the reason for the divorce, it will also be up to the court to determine how relevant that is to the proceedings. 

The reason a celebrity divorce like the Osbourne's is important for Texas residents who may be experiencing a similar situation is simple. In any divorce, a couple must divide assets, assess their debts, come up with child care plans as necessary and deal with a host of other issues that are common to many divorces. And no matter how rich or poor a couple might be, it remains important for both parties to seek out reliable and informed counsel to aid them in a difficult transition. 

Source: tmz.com, "Sharon Osbourne Lawyering Up For Divorce", May 13, 2016

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