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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

How will Moore and Adams divide assets?

After six years together, a musical couple has decided to part ways. Texas fans are likely familiar with the power duo of former pop star Mandy Moore and her husband, alt-rock icon Ryan Adams, who were married in 2010. They will now divide assets and debts as part of their divorce settlement, which was finalized earlier this year. 

Working through divorce issues

Divorce is a challenging change in life that can take a lot to overcome. Texas residents understand how strongly divorce issues can influence the day-to-day lives of both spouses undergoing this change. Thankfully, it is possible to focus attention where it will do the most good, affording both spouses a smoother transition into single life. 

How do legal and physical child custody work?

Many Texas parents manage to remain amicable through the proceedings of a divorce. This allows them to reach mutual agreements about child custody. Parents who consider the best interests of their children often decide on joint custody, which involves both legal and physical custody. Such an agreement will be included in the divorce decree, and neither parent may make legal decisions without the consent of the other parent.

What to do if a pregnancy is discovered during a Texas divorce

Getting divorced is an arduous and stressful process in most cases, and if there is also a pregnancy involved, the trauma can be more severe. Along with difficult, but necessary decisions about selling or keeping the family home and all the other aspects of property division, a newborn child can complicate the process significantly. Before filing the papers for a divorce in such circumstances, it may be wise to discuss the relative state laws with an experienced Texas divorce attorney.

Insurance changes among divorce issues

One of the many issues that must be addressed during a divorce is that of insurance. As Texas residents know, couples often secure insurance plans that cover life, health and property. Dividing or otherwise reordering these sorts of plans are among the divorce issues that the parties may wish to consult their respective attorneys in order to their individual interests. 

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