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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Man fights for fathers' rights after DNA test

A paternity test may bring good news or bad news to a man in Texas whose fatherhood is in question. In another state, the results of a DNA test meant the end of fathers' rights for one man. Although he tried to fight for his cause in court, without an attorney to assist him, he made some crucial errors.

Texas child support payments may affect credit reports

In Texas, a non-custodial parent who is ordered to send regular payments to support a child must take that obligation seriously. Not only may the money be needed for the child's basic necessities, failure to keep up with child support payments may have an adverse effect on one's credit rating. In fact, child support delinquencies may damage one's credit even more seriously than missed car or mortgage payments.

In child custody battles, parents may resort to unfair tactics

Parental alienation happens when one parent turns a child against the other parent. This often occurs in a divorce when one parent is unwilling to give up even part of child custody. That parent may brainwash the child against the co-parent even if the co-parent previously had a good relationship with the child. Any parent in Texas who has experienced this kind of alienation understands the heartbreak and the long lasting consequences.

Marriage may need a family law attorney if it shows these signs

It is not uncommon for spouses to argue. Most Texas marriages go through rough patches, and working through those difficult times can lead to a much richer relationship. However, family law attorneys who daily encounter couples seeking divorce may see signs that indicate when a marriage is beyond saving. These signs often go deeper than just having an argument.

Divorce issues: How divorce affects credit

Divorce can be a complicated process, bringing up many challenges. The potential impact that divorce issues could have on the credit score of both parties is an important concern. While the fact of a Texas divorce does not have a direct effect on a credit score, the consequences can still influence the credit of both parties. This has much to do with the number of shared debts parties to the proceeding may be facing. 

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