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Growing protection for fathers' rights across the country

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Some of the more distressing information coming from the many studies and investigations into children of divorce is the growing recognition of parental alienation. This may be a conscious or subconscious effort of one parent to turn his or her children against the other. Studies show that, in Texas and across the country, it is most often the father who becomes alienated from his children. Perhaps because of this, many states are taking a closer look at fathers' rights.

Child custody reform has been sought by fathers for years. Typically, states followed a set formula for custody, with the mother receiving the majority of time and the father having "visitation," perhaps twice a week. The philosophy has been that children of a certain age need their mothers more. Shared parenting acknowledges that children seem to thrive when they have equal time with both parents. States are beginning to relax custody laws and allow parents more flexibility.

However, while 20 states or more have some legislation pending, other states, like Texas, are not considering shared parenting just yet. Some are concerned about the possibility of abusive parents having too much access to their children. Nevertheless, advocates for parental rights are optimistic that the movements will spread across the country, allowing parents more say in the level of partnership they are willing to accept after divorce.

Until Texas reconsiders the idea of shared parenting, it is possible that some parents will continue alienating their children from each other. For the most part, this will likely impact fathers whose children become emotionally distant from them for no reason. As a result, many men may seek the advice of their attorney to make sure their fathers' rights are protected.

Source: parentherald.com, "Shared Parenting Law Latest News & Updates: Why Child Custody Law Reform Is Happening All Over The US", Kristine Walker, Sept. 6, 2016

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