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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Fewer divorce issues as rates drop again in the United States

Over the past two decades or more, the number of divorces in Texas and across the country has dropped. Last year again, the divorce rate fell another 4 percent. Of course, people are analyzing the study to determine why fewer people seem to be ending their marriages or what this could mean for future divorce issues and past taboos.

Few states prevent accused rapists from seeking child custody

There are not many places in the country where a woman can safely raise her child if that child was conceived during a sexual assault. In many states, she may have to face her attacker on a regular basis if he decides to seek child custody. Forty-three states have some limited protections under such circumstances, and eight of those states enacted those protections just this year. Texas may have one of the most victim-friendly laws on the books.

Woman jailed for denying fathers' rights to her husband

A volatile marriage may lead to an unpredictable divorce. Those in Texas who face custody disputes know how contentious they can be. When one woman was unhappy with the direction her divorce was taking, she decided to risk her freedom to deny her husband his fathers' rights.

Child support amended for exceptionally talented girl

Parents in Texas and beyond often swell with pride when others recognize their exceptional children. Recently, a judge in another state met a 13-year-old aspiring actress and was captivated by her poise and charm. He interviewed the girl as part of a child support hearing, and the interview helped him arrive at a surprising decision. In fact, his subsequent ruling changed the parents' child support orders, which had been in place for seven years.

Texas couples deal with the grief of divorce issues

When a person in Texas loses a loved one, he or she may pass through various stages of grief, including shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. A healthy person passes in and out of these phases until ultimately reaching the point where he or she is ready to let go of the past and build a hopeful future. Counselors have discovered that these stages occur similarly when a couple goes through divorce issues. The difficulty is that the spouses seldom experience the same stages simultaneously.

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