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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Twins involved in complicated child custody case

Unmarried couples in Texas and around the country often have children. In many circumstances, both parents stay actively involved in the children's lives. However, in a recent case in another state, a man was unaware he is the father to twins, a girl and a boy. Now he is involved in a complicated child custody case.

Mother sought in Texas child custody case

Going through a divorce is often a highly emotional experience for those involved. It can be even more stressful when children are involved. Many couples in Texas and throughout the country attempt to negotiate child custody agreements that are in the best interest of their children. In most cases, these agreements are properly followed and all parties continue with their day-to-day activities. However, when a former spouse disregards the terms of an agreement, a difficult situation can quickly worsen.

State representative wants to eliminate "no fault" Texas divorce

A state representative has filed a bill that would make Texas the first state to repeal no fault divorce. He has also filed another bill that would require couples to wait significantly longer for a Texas divorce to be finalized. The representative claims these bills will help preserve the sanctity of marriage and give children a better future. However, opponents believe these actions could potentially have a negative effect on children, make divorces more expensive and force some spouses with lower incomes to remain in abusive relationships.

Remember to protect your business interests in a Texas divorce

Going through a divorce is an emotional and trying experience for everyone involved, even if it was a mutual decision. It can become even more complicated when one or both parties own a business. It is crucial for anyone navigating Texas divorce proceedings to consider how division of property laws may be applied.

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