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Twins involved in complicated child custody case

Monday, July 16, 2018

Unmarried couples in Texas and around the country often have children. In many circumstances, both parents stay actively involved in the children's lives. However, in a recent case in another state, a man was unaware he is the father to twins, a girl and a boy. Now he is involved in a complicated child custody case.

The man had an affair with the twins' mother. She told the man that the babies had been DNA tested and that he was not the father. However, a DNA test was not run for the babies. The mother told some people that the man was the father of the children, but she did not want him to know. He was informed of his paternity by a woman who had been caring for one of the children.

The mother did not take the children home from the hospital. Rather, the children were taken home initially by two different families with connections to the mother. The baby boy has since been placed for adoption with a couple in Nebraska. When the father -- who lives in Florida -- was told about his children, he immediately began the process of reuniting the twins and attempting to gain custody.

Part of his process was entering his name on his state's Putative Father Registry. Many states, including Texas, have this registry in place to ensure that men are aware they have fathered a child and to facilitate granting consent in rights termination. The father did not know about the registry, nor did he even consider that the mother had given him incorrect information about the twins' parentage.

The father faces a complicated process in trying to gain custody of his children. Residents in Texas dealing with similar child custody issues frequently seek the counsel of a knowledgeable family law attorney. Lawyers experienced in this area often help parents reach favorable custody agreements.

Source: local8now.com, "Mom gives up custody of twins without dad's permission", Jan. 22, 2017

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