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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Private data may not be so private in a Texas divorce

Most adults in this country own a smartphone and maintain a presence on social media. While technology provides immediate access to information and allows constant contact with others, potential lack of privacy is an ongoing concern. Several privacy issues arise when considering use of technology in Texas divorce proceedings.

Proposed custody law aimed at fathers' rights

A Texas bill has been proposed that would allow for equal custody for mothers and fathers during a divorce. Advocates of fathers' rights are actively supporting the bill. However, a former family judge does not believe the law should mandate custody of children.

IVF embryos need to be considered in a Texas divorce

When a marriage ends, there are often many factors to consider. However, those going through a Texas divorce or elsewhere in the country face even more complicated issues when children are involved. Guidelines are already in place in many states that deal with protecting the well-being of a child. Nevertheless, a relatively new concern has surfaced. Many couples facing divorce will have to decide what to do with frozen embryos created through in-vitro fertilization.

The one thing to know before getting a Texas divorce

In most situations, getting a divorce is a difficult process. Stress levels often run high, and many times emotions can get the best of all involved. A partner at a law firm in another state recently had some words of wisdom for those going through a Texas divorce or one elsewhere around the country. The partner makes it clear that, in her experience, the judge in a divorce case does not care about whatever personal drama may be occurring.

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