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What to do when only one spouse wants a Texas divorce

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Going through a divorce can be a stressful process for many individuals. However, for others, a Texas divorce may be a pathway to a fresh start and a new chapter of life. But what happens in those cases when one spouse wants a divorce but the other spouse does not? A recent article provided insight on this dilemma.

Many emotions come into play when one spouse wants to stay in a marriage but the other has filed for divorce. It is common to feel despair, dread or even fear as the reality of new circumstances are realized. However, experts suggest that those emotions can be catalysts in helping someone get through a divorce and move forward into a new life.

The article recommends that, once someone has moved past denying that a divorce is happening, he or she should be proactive in moving on with life. Individuals should address fears of the unknown and possible negative situations that may occur by identifying potential positive outcomes for the same situations. Then, put a plan of action in place to achieve one of the positive outcomes. Experts warn against dwelling in the past, but rather suggest focusing attention on taking control of the new situation and making it even more wonderful than prior to the divorce.

Those considering a Texas divorce do not need to go through the process alone. An experienced family law attorney can help individuals seeking a divorce to understand their options and develop a specific plan to address their specific needs. A strong defense team will represent their client's best interest and work toward achieving a positive outcome in their divorce proceedings.

Source: yourtango.com, "How To Survive When Your Spouse Files For A Divorce You Don't Want", Karen Finn, Feb. 23, 2017

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