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Monday, May 21, 2018

Summer vacation will affect some Texas child custody situations

The school year is winding down for many students in Texas and throughout the nation. Many parents are currently planning summer vacations; in fact, some have already booked beach condos or woodland cabins at their favorite destinations. It's typically a fun time of year when parents and children look forward to a little R & R; however, certain child custody situations may put a damper on vacation plans.

More baby boomers are getting a Texas divorce

According to a national research organization, couples over 50 years old are deciding to end their marriages more than ever before. For these so-called baby boomers, the divorce rate in the past 25 years has doubled. On the other hand, the rate for those aged 25 to 39 has decreased 21 percent. Researchers are uncertain about the reason for these Texas divorce and national divorce trends.

Man becomes fathers' rights advocate after lengthy custody case

In a Texas divorce and elsewhere around the country, custody issues can often be contentious. Traditionally, courts have granted mothers more time with the children than with fathers. One father in another state learned he would only see his son every other weekend after his divorce. He had once been an active parent in his son's life and was devastated to no longer be regularly involved. As a result, the man is now an advocate for fathers' rights.

How credit card debt affects Texas divorce proceedings.

Credit cards are commonly used in Texas and throughout the country. Married couples frequently have joint credit card accounts, and both spouses utilize the cards and make payments as required. Of course, not all marriages last forever and some may end in divorce. A recent article addressed how Texas divorce proceedings can affect the couple's credit card debt.

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