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Child support system needs to change

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Parents in Texas and elsewhere around the country understand while money is necessary to provide financially for their children, it is not the only thing they need to provide. Love, encouragement and understanding are just a few of the ways parents can support their children. When parents are getting a divorce, this emotional support is vital. However, some researchers believe that decisions in most divorces all come down to money. They cite the policies for child support and child custody to validate their claims.

Sociology professors from the University of Texas at Austin studied how the state's family court system affected child development. One example concerns what happens when a father experiences financial difficulties and is unable to make child support payments. He may lose visitation rights, face garnishment of his wages or suspension of professional licenses. In some situations, a person may even spend time in jail.

While the researchers acknowledge that there are fathers who have no intention of paying child support. For those not accepting their responsibility, the punishments are deemed fitting. However, there are many fathers that are trying to provide support to their children and are just not able to get the necessary funds. In these situations, they recommend other alternatives.

Rather than jail time, the nation's Office of Child Support Enforcement has recommended alternatives such as job searches to help fathers more adequately provide for their children. Also, the process of revising child support orders should be addressed. If someone experiences a pay cut or loss of income, the process to revise the amount of child support payments is very cumbersome. In addition, advocates stress the non-monetary ways fathers support their children.

Discussing child support issues can be very emotional during a divorce. A Texas divorce attorney will protect the best interests of a client and any children involved. An experienced lawyer can guide someone through the entire divorce process and work toward achieving the most favorable outcome possible in the proceedings

Source: mysanantonio.com, "Revamp child support policies", Robert Crosnoe and Elizabeth Cozzolino, June 14, 2017

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