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Fathers' rights advocates fight against discrimination

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Going through a divorce in Texas and around the nation can be an emotional process, particularly when children are involved. Traditionally, courts tend to grant primary custody of the children to the mother. However, fathers' rights advocates believe that those children who have the opportunity to spend equal time with both parents fare better than those who live with one parent the majority of the time.

For many years, divorcing fathers accepted that they would get to visit with their children every other weekend. The children would live with their mothers the rest of the time. While many fathers sought to change these living arrangements, the courts once typically sided with the mothers.

When viewing traditional gender roles in a family, the mother was often considered the nurturer. The father was most often the disciplinarian. However, fathers' groups now push for equal joint custody, citing several statistics that support their claims that children need both nurturing and discipline in their lives.

Studies conducted at both the state and federal level show that the majority of homeless and runaway children do not have fathers in their homes. Most high school dropouts and teens in prison come from fatherless homes. Advocates acknowledge that not all children who live with single moms will have issues later in life. However, they believe that children benefit from maintaining a healthy relationship with both parents after a divorce.

For Texas residents going through a divorce, it is helpful to have the guidance of an experienced divorce lawyer. An attorney familiar with fathers' rights issues will evaluate a client's specific situation and develop the best course of action. A strong legal team can work to obtain the most favorable outcome in the divorce. 

Source: goodmenproject.com, "A Father's Day Look at Dad Discrimination", Don Mathis, June 14, 2017

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