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Consider a Texas divorce as an option in a marriage

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

It is inevitable that people change as they grow older. Preferences, goals, opinions and even values may evolve as a person matures or experiences major life events. In a marriage, these changes may result in the couple growing further apart rather than closer together. A family therapist suggests that rather than feeling trapped in a marriage, viewing a Texas divorce as an option is freeing as a couple.

The founder of the Changing Marriage Institute believes when couples never consider divorce as an option, they may experience some struggles in their marriage. She acknowledges that it may be awkward for a couple to discuss the possibility when the relationship is working well. However, she believes that people act negatively when they feel they are trapped in a marriage. Knowing a divorce is an option is helpful in these circumstances, even if a couple stays married.

Marital advisors acknowledge the reality of every couple experiencing difficult patches of hardship. A divorce should not be the first option when trials come, but a relationship should be evaluated if problems become the norm. The author of a book on marriage recommends instituting a relationship contract. In a contract, each partner would review the relationship and determine whether to continue life together.

The reality of life is that not all marriages last forever. Should someone contemplate ending a marriage, it would be wise to seek the guidance of a knowledgeable Texas divorce attorney. An experience lawyer will help an individual understand and navigate the complexities of the legal process. An attorney will work with a client to achieve the best outcome in divorce proceedings.

Source: businessinsider.com, "A therapist explains why one of the most traditional beliefs about marriage is also the most damaging", Shana Lebowitz, July 5, 2017

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