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Pre-nups useful in Texas divorce

Monday, July 16, 2018

Pre-nuptial agreements are not likely to be perceived as a favorite topic for those getting ready to enter into marriage. While potentially a sensitive subject, it is better to address many of the issues in a pre-nup before the union takes place. Rather than setting a marriage up for failure, it should be perceived as protection for oneself should a Texas divorce occur in the future. Marital experts recommend talking about the issue when the conversation can be done maturely and without emotions involved.

Experts have witnessed couples respond to dealing with a pre-nuptial agreement in different ways. While some approach it in a level-headed manner with both parties on board, others don't see the need to complete the process. Those couples decide against the agreement because they are so happy presently and can't imagine a time when it may be needed.

However, family law advisors stress the importance of a pre-nup when certain assets need to be protected. For example, someone may wish to maintain a family estate among blood relatives. Others may have a particular inheritance or family heirloom they would like to keep for themselves. Experts suggest that the agreements are worth considering since no one can predict what might happen in a marriage, yet the couple can still prepare for the future.

No one enters a marriage thinking it will end someday. To be prepared for that possibility, it would be beneficial to develop a pre-nuptial agreement prior to the wedding. A Texas divorce attorney can assist clients with preparing this agreement. If someone is already married, an experienced lawyer can also assist with developing a post-nuptial agreement.

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