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Monday, July 16, 2018

Tax planning and divorce

Almost half of all American marriages end in divorce. But like most other life-altering events, there are still tax consequences. Financial planning for the tax consequences associated with property division should take place well before the decree is issued.

Helping you resolve child custody and support issues

When you start a family, it is difficult to not be constantly devoted to the needs of your children. Children are a blessing and provide much meaning in the lives of parents. While being part of a family is often a dream come true, problems and issues could enter the family life, making it difficult to maintain. No family is perfect, and some family issues are not resolvable. However, when parents divorce, they need to address the needs of the children involved.

Non-parent ordered to pay child support

Texas child support guidelines require parents to pay support regardless of whether they have custody or parental access. However, a court in Houston recently ordered a man to pay child support although DNA test results showed that he was not the biological father of his ex-girlfriend's child.

Military divorce: interplay of retirement and disability benefits

Here at the El Paso, Texas, Law Office of Douglas C. Smith, we regularly represent people involved in divorces where one or both spouses are affiliated with the U.S. military such as those connected with Fort Bliss. For clients like this, it is important to engage a lawyer experienced specifically in military divorces because these cases involve a unique and complex intersection of federal military law and state family law.

Child custody is complicated for those in the military

Child custody disputes are never easy, but parents who are in the military face special challenges. Because military personnel move frequently, child custody issues may involve the laws of multiple states.

Questions to ask yourself before a divorce - Part I

Divorce is a big decision, as it should be. You need to make sure that you are making the decision to end your marriage only after careful consideration and with full understanding of all the consequences and ramifications that will flow from it. Since there are many key questions that should be asked prior to a divorce, we'll be examining this in our next post as well.

Don't let social media usage derail your divorce

In our ever-connected world, we are just a few clicks away from social media, email, texting, or networking. During a difficult time - like a divorce, job loss, death in the family - we may rely on our friends, relatives and acquaintances for support and as a sounding board for our frustrations.

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