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Texas denies car registrations over child support

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Parents with possession or custody of their children still confront many potential problems. However, the State of Texas has options to help parents seek delinquent payments for child support.

The State has used its most recent legal tool to deny vehicle registration for over 14,500 non-custodial parents since a new law began in September 2016.This new law allows the Department of Motor Vehicles to deny vehicle registration to parents who are six months late in making support payments. The Office of Attorney General issued denials on 18,693 cases involving 14,779 parents without custody.

Ninety days before the expiration of their vehicle registration, parents in arrears are sent a warning letter containing information on becoming compliant before their registration is due. If the 90 days expire before they make up the payments, the delinquent parent must make support payment arrangements with the OAG. The OAG then submits an electronic update to the transportation department that their vehicle registration may be lifted.

The OAG has other methods to collect late child support payments. These include paycheck deduction, filing liens, filing lawsuits and suspending professional and occupational licenses. It can also intercept tax refunds, lottery winnings and other government payments. In more serious cases, it can also seek incarceration of the parent in a court proceeding.

At the end of this fiscal year, the OAG claims that it may break the 2016 record of collecting over $4 billion in child support. It reported that its Child Support Division collected $3.8 billion.

The OAG also said that it received 12,138 complaints. Over 3,500 of these complaints concerned enforcement.

An attorney can assist a parent in seeking remedies for the other parent's failure to pay child support such as an enforcement order or other government programs. An experienced lawyer can also help seek a support order that is fair, reasonable and enforceable.

Source: KXAN, "Failure to pay child support leads to over 14k vehicle registration denials," By Sarah Rafique, Aug. 29, 2017

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