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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Distracted Texas drivers are a threat to your safety

Texas readers know that distracted driving is a major problem in every state. As more drivers have phones, and more cars come with potentially distracting technology, this type of negligent driving is not a problem that will be going away any time soon. Many car accidents happen simply because a phone or other reason distracted the driver. 

Negotiating a divorce, even when times are good

Prenuptial agreements, made before marriage, are common in Texas. They can help resolve complex disputes if the marriage ever ends. Couples who never executed these contracts, however, can enter postnuptial agreements that can act as a divorce "insurance policy" that is hopefully never used, and which can set forth future expectations.

Texas has visitation rights for grandparents

Texas grants very limited visitation rights for grandparents after their adult child's divorce compared to other states. They must overcome the presumption that the best interest of the grandchildren is furthered when the grandparents are denied visits.

Tax bill could hit alimony recipients

New tax reform legislation before Congress, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, may end the deduction that federal taxpayers receive for making alimony payments to their former spouses. If enacted, the law could change divorce proceedings, property division and settlement negotiations in Texas and throughout the country.

Over-the-border custody disputes

International issues involving Texas go beyond disputes between this state and Mexico over trade and immigration. Separated couples sometimes have different residences in Texas and Canada, Mexico and other countries and must deal with custody and parental access matters.

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