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When an otherwise safe motorcycle ride turns into disaster

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

When you navigate Texas roadways on a motorcycle, you're at risk for injury. Then again, you could say the same about driving a car, flying in a plane or walking down a sidewalk, for that matter. While there is always a certain amount of risk involved with outdoor activities, all motorists are obligated to adhere to all traffic regulations and to make responsible choices to keep themselves, and all who share the road with them, as safe as possible. Even so, it helps to remain proactive about your own motorcycle safety.

By researching ways to optimize your chances of arriving safely at your destination, you can make the most of your motorcycle rides, and possibly avoid a collision as well. Although you can take steps to lower your risk of injury, you can't do much regarding the behaviors of other motorists. If you stay alert and cautious, it helps keep you safe on two wheels, four wheels or two feet while traveling. However, a careless or negligent driver nearby can quickly turn your safety efforts to dust.

Take matters into your own hands

Whether you travel by motorcycle to save on gas money or simply enjoy feeling the sun on your back and wind in your face as you ride along Texas highways, you can take steps to make sure each trip is as safe as possible. The following list provides useful tips for safety as well as post-accident support, just in case a collision does occur:

  • Protecting yourself with proper riding attire and safety equipment can greatly reduce your risk of severe injury. It's always best to don non-skid boots, a leather jacket and pants when traveling by motorcycle. If you're pants are not made of leather, full-length is still best; it's never a good idea to ride a motorcycle wearing shorts.
  • Your helmet is undoubtedly one of your most valuable pieces of motorcycle safety equipment. To lower your injury risk further, it's a good idea to wear a helmet that includes a face guard. If you choose the type that covers only your nose and mouth areas, then you may also want to wear protective eyeglasses.
  • Something you never want to do while riding a motorcycle is place yourself inside another motorist's blind spot. Learning more about this topic before operating a motorcycle can mean the difference between safe travel and disaster. 

As one of many motorcycle enthusiasts in Texas, you likely take advantage of every opportunity to head out on the highway on two wheels. As with all forms of vehicle travel, you are safest as an operator when sober. You are also obligated to obey all laws regarding driving under the influence of alcohol. However, what if another motorist fails to adhere to such laws and you suffer injury because of it?

Many recovering motorcycle accident victims in Texas have sought recovery for their losses in court to help offset the undue financial strains caused by medical expenses and other costs related to their situations.

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