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Monday, May 21, 2018

Gig economy stands in way of child support

Many people in Texas work as independent contractors, picking and choosing what jobs to temporarily take on. The new gig economy comprised of independent contractors performing temporary jobs, for example, have allowed parents to escape their support obligations and complicated enforcement by state officials.

Child support issues can present unique challenges

Going through a divorce is one of the most stressful events anyone can experience. Unfortunately, it can be even more trying when children are involved. As these people are undoubtedly the most important elements of your life, it's crucial they're taken care of throughout the divorce process and after it's completed.

Texas has visitation rights for grandparents

Texas grants very limited visitation rights for grandparents after their adult child's divorce compared to other states. They must overcome the presumption that the best interest of the grandchildren is furthered when the grandparents are denied visits.

Over-the-border custody disputes

International issues involving Texas go beyond disputes between this state and Mexico over trade and immigration. Separated couples sometimes have different residences in Texas and Canada, Mexico and other countries and must deal with custody and parental access matters.

Helping you resolve child custody and support issues

When you start a family, it is difficult to not be constantly devoted to the needs of your children. Children are a blessing and provide much meaning in the lives of parents. While being part of a family is often a dream come true, problems and issues could enter the family life, making it difficult to maintain. No family is perfect, and some family issues are not resolvable. However, when parents divorce, they need to address the needs of the children involved.

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