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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Drawing up a custody and support plan

Developing a custody plan, resolving custody disputes and child support are especially challenging for military personnel and their families. The demands of active duty service, deployments and reassignments pose complications and stress. Certain principles, however, can help govern these matters.

Military divorce rate unchanged

The military divorce rate continued a four-year trend rate for active duty and other military personnel by remaining the same in fiscal year 2017, according to the Pentagon. For the fourth consecutive year, the divorce rate was between three and 3.1 percent.

ID card rights in military divorce

The military treats military divorce and related issues such as child support and custody disputesas matters governed by Texas and other states. However, federal military law does govern certain matters such as pay, benefits, housing and property.

Planning for a deployment divorce

A stressful military marriage faces even more problems when an active duty spouse is on deployment. The service member may return accompanied with a desire for ending their marriage and seeking a military divorce. Their deployment time presents an opportunity for planning for this.

Credit may be a casualty of a military divorce

A military divorce can have serious consequences on matters such as access to military retirement and child custody. A divorce may also diminish the combined credit strength of two spouses. Loss of a good credit record can follow divorce unless a spouse prepares.

What makes a military divorce different from a civilian divorce?

Divorce is an event that can impact any married couple. Even those with a spouse in the military can endure the same ups and downs as a civilian couple. And, while a military divorce is no more emotionally complicated than a civilian divorce, it can be more complex due to the special rules and regulations that apply to them. Military laws control certain aspects of the divorce, making it vital that divorcing spouses understand how these are applied and how divorce issues can be resolved.

Changes to military pensions impact divorce

Many federal and state laws and policies may have a financial impact on spouses undergoing a military divorce. The New Blended Retirement System, taking effect on Jan. 1, will have major consequences for military retirement and families undergoing a military divorce.

Child custody is complicated for those in the military

Child custody disputes are never easy, but parents who are in the military face special challenges. Because military personnel move frequently, child custody issues may involve the laws of multiple states.

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