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If you have questions concerning your ability to collect child support from a noncustodial parent, or about your legal risks due to nonpayment of child support obligations, contact the Law Offices of Douglas C. Smith in El Paso.

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Within the last decade, it has become much more difficult for noncustodial parents to avoid their child support obligations, even across state lines. The increased efficiency of child support collections in recent years reflects two developments, one legal, the other technological. First, Congress enacted Title IV-D of the Social Security Act, which requires every state to locate noncustodial parents, establish and enforce child support payments, and collect and distribute child support. Every family receiving federal assistance is required to participate in the state child support enforcement program, and any other family may request state assistance in enforcing its right to receive child support.

The technological developments have to do with the increased efficiency of electronic data collection and monitoring. Such data registries as the Federal Parent Locator Service, the Interstate Family Support Registry, and the Support Enforcement Tracking System make it difficult for anyone participating in the legitimate economy to escape their child support obligations. Texas even keeps track of employer hiring data so that when a defaulting parent finds a job, it’s a relatively simple matter to put a garnishment of wages in place.

Other effective child support enforcement leverage appears in the form of license renewals. Driver’s licenses, fishing licenses, real estate licenses, and any other professional or recreational licenses cannot be renewed while outstanding child support obligations remain in default.

If you suddenly find yourself caught in the ever-tightening child support enforcement web, I can help you negotiate back payment plans, argue for a reduced current obligation on the basis of mitigating circumstances, and work toward the protection of your driver’s license or professional license. For the benefit of an experienced child support enforcement lawyer’s advice, contact me at my El Paso law firm.

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