COVID-19 and Ways We Can Still Help you!

We are very aware of the problems our prospective clients in El Paso face due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  We are ready to help you with a free on-line email or phone-in initial consultation.  Call us for a “remote” consultation. Here at the law office of Douglas C. Smith we also have the ability to E-file all kinds of pleadings to inaugurate your case and to represent your interests from child custody, divorce issues and child support to personal injury and military law.

  1. “There are new regulations that allow Texas Notaries to witness documents remotely during the Covid-19 Pandemic. We can use newly allowed permission to witness wills, powers of attorney and directives through two way conferencing. The notary does not need to be sitting next to the person signing these documents.”
  2. “Right now we are conducting many on-line and call-in consultations for wills, divorces, probates and business issues”. 
  3. “If you come to the office to meet with us, we take steps to maintain social distancing during your visits.  Don’t be upset if we are wearing masks and sometimes gloves while you are here!”
  4. “If you feel sick and have a fever, stay home!  Call us from your home for your consultation.”
  5. “We can continue to E-file pleadings, including motions, divorce pleadings and probate documents.”
  6. The courthouse is slowly opening up.  Each court is assigned certain days for live hearings. The Texas Supreme Court has ultimate decision-making power to direct how courts will operate during the pandemic.
  7. If you plan to attend a live hearing in the courthouse you must wear a mask to be allowed access to the courthouse. 
  8. Most attorneys have modified their work to allow them and their staff  to work remotely. 
  9. My office is fully engaged in delivery services to those seeking relief in family cases.  We are open!
  10. Almost daily I am participating in Zoom hearings in protective orders, temporary orders and final hearings in my family cases.  My clients are even appearing from their own living rooms and kitchens!

We are waiting for your call:  915-593-6600 or 915-256-0579.  Life goes on, in spite of these trying circumstances. Contact us NOW for a FREE e-mail or phone consultation.

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