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If you’re a grandparent who wants to establish a recognized right to a relationship with your grandchild, but your son or daughter is divorced or unmarried, contact the Law Office of Douglas C. Smith in El Paso. I can answer your questions and can often help you achieve your objectives.

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The question of grandparents’ rights to regular access to their grandchildren often depends on establishing that the protection and enjoyment of visitation is in the best interests of the children. I can discuss your situation with you, particularly if the primary custodial parent seems likely to oppose it, and give you a good idea as to the likelihood that you’ll prevail in Family Court. If your case shows promise, my 35 years of legal experience represent a powerful advantage in putting your strongest arguments forward for maximum persuasive effect.

I also represent grandparents whose grandchildren have one or both parents in active military service. The Texas Family Code allows grandparents to effectively succeed to a portion of the parents’ visitation or custody rights where an overseas posting or sea duty frustrates the parent’s own visitation arrangements, and also provides for flexibility to accommodate the military parent’s leave time.

Sometimes grandparents want to intervene in troubled family situations where their grandchildren are endangered by family violence, drug or alcohol abuse, or other unfortunate circumstances with the parents. In situations where you’ve had actual custody of the grandchildren for six months or more, you can bring a Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relations to obtain primary physical custody of the grandchild. In other situations, I can help you with a petition for temporary conservatorship of a grandchild as an alternative to a foster care placement.

For further advice from a Texas grandparents’ rights lawyer, contact me at the Law Office of Douglas C. Smith.

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