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As a service member, you have rights in a divorce with regards to child custody and visitation, even during deployment. The Texas Family Code has a special provision that allows a service member to designate a person who can exercise his or her rights while on deployment. That person, usually a close relative, will be able to literally take over the service member’s role and will be granted the same rights of possession of and access to the children that the servicemember would have enjoyed had he or she not been deployed.

If you are involved in a divorce or custody battle, it is important to speak with an experienced lawyer to ensure your rights are protected. In El Paso at the Law Office of Douglas C. Smith, I can assist you with matters of child custody, visitation and deployment. I can also help you modify the terms of your parenting plan or visitation order.

Texas Visitation Rights Attorney

Whether you are just entering the divorce process, or you already have custody rights and you need to modify a decree, the Texas Family Code will provide for flexibility in the scheduling or adjustment of parenting plans and visitation agreements. This flexibility is valuable for active service members who may be at the mercy of their assignments.

For additional information regarding the Texas Family Code and rights to custody and visitation, speak with an experienced family lawyer. I have practiced family law for 30 years throughout West Texas and devote a significant amount of time and effort to helping service members and military families.

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