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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Wrongly accused Texas man sought for child support payments

After being wrongfully accused and imprisoned for a series of rapes he did not commit, one Texas man has finally won his freedom. However, he is still plagued by legal troubles even outside the walls of the Texas prison where he spent the better part of two decades. His former wife is suing him for child support after he received a sizeable settlement from the federal government.

Asset protection during a Texas divorce

Separations typically become more complicated the more assets that a couple has accrued during the course of their marriage. While courts officiating over a Texas divorce attempt to be as equitable as possible in the dispersion of material and fiscal assets, it is always possible that some of your assets will be remanded to your former spouse. However, depending upon where you are in the country, some of your assets may be exempt.

Man files fake Texas divorce to marry 2nd wife

A flight instructor from Arlington was booked on adultery and bigamy charges after evidence was released that he had never officially split with his first wife before marrying his second. The 38-year-old Texas native reportedly spent weekdays living with one wife and child in Arlington, and spent his weekends in Grapevine with the woman he married after filing fake Texas divorce papers online. This arrangement has persisted for over three years.

Overwhelming response for child custody of Texas baby

What could have been a tragic ending for a Texas infant may have a happy ending after all. The baby was found abandoned and inside of a plastic bag. Fortunately, a woman discovered the infant while outside walking her dog. Several people have lined up and have expressed an interest in gaining child custody of the little girl.

Texas divorce: Don't settle for less than you deserve

The dissolution of a marriage may not coincide with someone's current emotional state. As with any major life change, a Texas divorce can be a painful process. Although emotions may be fragile, it could be helpful to focus on that fact that divorce is a legal process, and marital assets should be divided in a way fair to all. Avoiding some common blunders could help achieve a comprehensive settlement.

Texas child support: Woman fights over 20 years later for support

Texas parents in the midst of a child support battle may struggle to make ends meet. Legal assistance is available for people in this situation, but collecting may not always be easy. Recently, a woman has come forward to accuse a former politician of owing her a huge amount of child support money.

Texas divorce: Marriages and divorces not created equal

A Texas divorce is never the same as any other because of the differences in couples going through such proceedings. Sometimes settlements and custody problems are not an issue because one person chooses not to fight over them. Although a Texas divorce can be difficult if the couples can't communicate, sometimes divorces can happen quickly and with no issues.

Texas military divorce: Can a spouse keep Tricare?

One of the many concerns that a Texas spouse may have when considering a military divorce is over health insurance. Active duty military members and some other qualified former service members are entitled to receive Tricare. However, if a spouse pursues a military divorce, are they still entitled to keep receiving the health care benefits?

Texas behind $11 billion in child support payments

Many Texas parents rely upon child support every month to ensure that bills get paid and their children are well taken care of. However, some parents may not receive their child support due to the other parent becoming delinquent on their payments. Recent reports show that non-custodial parents in Texas are almost $11 billion behind in their payments.

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