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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Texas child custody: Man fighting for son after mother's death

Texas child custody battles can result for numerous reasons. Whether the parents are married or separated, when children are involved, things can often get complicated. One man, devastated by the loss of his girlfriend, is now embroiled in a child custody battle after his son was taken from him by child welfare authorities.

New Texas bill could allow additional child custody time

A Texas representative is taking steps to help military parents receive more child custody time. He is sponsoring a bill that could allow children of service personnel the opportunity to receive excused absences from school for a period of up to 10 days if a military parent is preparing for deployment or has since returned from one. This bill could help military personnel who sometimes feel their careers are causing their child custody time to suffer.

Texas grand jury: murder-for-hire story made up for child custody

Readers in the El Paso area know that when parents divorce, children are thrust into a situation not of their making. And parents generally realize this, and try to protect their children in the best way they can. Sometimes, however, a dispute can arise that pits parents against each other so strongly that the disagreements could threaten child custody proceedings for one or even both of the adults.

Child obesity a growing concern in child custody cases

El Paso readers may be aware of the growing concerns over child obesity throughout the country. And parents in Texas will be interested to hear exactly how those concerns have begun to bear considerably on child custody issues. Recently, across the nation, a number of child custody cases regarding obesity have resulted in a child being removed from his or her home.

Child custody at risk over $5 sandwiches in Hawaii

Child custody disputes in Texas and elsewhere are not always between parents, and they are not always fair. In a case where policy seems to have trumped reason, a pregnant mother and her husband were taken to jail, while their 2-year-old daughter was taken into custody by the state of Hawaii after the couple failed to pay for two chicken salad sandwiches at a Safeway in late October. The parents had relocated to the Aloha State two weeks before and were searching for a grocery store in Honolulu. They found Safeway and began shopping, but the expectant mother was starving, and the parents picked up and ate two sandwiches as they shopped. They went through the checkout line with the saved wrappers and paid for approximately $50 in groceries, but they forgot to pay for the sandwiches and had no idea such a simple act could be a threat to their child custody rights.

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