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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Avoiding costly financial errors in Texas divorce

There are many pitfalls during a separation that can lead to further complications down the line. For those going through a Texas divorce, it can be very easy to fall into difficult financial straits as a result of errors made during the separation process. It may be helpful to consider the following common financial mistakes many make in trying to get through a tough emotional time.

Texas divorce: Don't settle for less than you deserve

The dissolution of a marriage may not coincide with someone's current emotional state. As with any major life change, a Texas divorce can be a painful process. Although emotions may be fragile, it could be helpful to focus on that fact that divorce is a legal process, and marital assets should be divided in a way fair to all. Avoiding some common blunders could help achieve a comprehensive settlement.

Don't believe all the myths about a Texas divorce

A Texas divorce is something no one wants to contemplate, but many couples ultimately experience. While many may quote grim statistics seen in headlines, the fact is there are many myths surrounding divorce. If the high cost or fear of being ordered to pay alimony are factors in delaying Texas divorce proceedings, breathe easy. Many of these facts are laced with fiction and are not as grim as they seem.

Celebrity actress remains friends with ex after divorce

Lisa Whelchel may not be remembered by younger people, but she is best known for her role as Blair Warner in "The Facts of Life" in the 1980s. More recently, she was a contestant on "Survivor: Philippines." The unique thing about Whelchel is that, as a celebrity, she managed to get divorced in secret. At a time when celebrity divorces are everywhere, she and her husband managed to quietly divorce and even remain friends. Those couples seeking a Texas divorce may look to this couple for inspiration.

Texans should tally assets and debt when negotiating a divorce

Couples going through divorce in Texas are surely aware of the emotional toll of dissolving a marriage. But there is also the very real possibility that one's financial situation can take a hit during the negotiations over the division of marital property, not to mention the new prospect of living on a single income. That is why couples should consider evaluating all of their assets in detail before finalizing a divorce.

The Tiki Barber divorce: what can divorcing Texans learn?

Couples going through a divorce in El Paso may already be aware of the acrimonious divorce battle between former NFL star Tiki Barber and his estranged wife. Reports are surfacing that the two have finally reached a settlement in their long and bitter separation. Although divorce negotiations for many couples in Texas won't be as public as the Barbers', their high profile dispute does underscore some of the serious difficulties that divorce can sometimes bring.

Research shows how marriage breakups can affect work

In Texas and throughout the country, couples going through a divorce often experience emotional distress and psychological issues related to the breakup. New evidence also indicates these problems can extend to the workplace.

Texans considering divorce may learn from Kobe and Vanessa Bryant

Recently, Kobe and Vanessa Bryant announced that they have settled all issues concerning their marriage dissolution in a private manner. And it appears that good communication skills, which are just as essential in any Texas divorce, contributed to making the divorce process amicable for the NBA star and his wife.

Deion and Pilar Sanders: a messy Texas divorce

As readers in El Paso may know, divorce is never easy, but it doesn't have to be a grueling mess, nor do the details of a couple's separation or their divorce proceedings have to be emblazoned across the news. However, sometimes emotions are so high and differences so great, the circumstances of a divorce become extremely volatile, and what maybe should be kept private becomes all-too-public.

Ensuring an equitable division of assets in Texas divorces

Before a Texas couple decides to divorce, oftentimes one of the spouses handles most if not all of the financial matters of the household. A married couple may share a bank account, but sometimes one person ends up paying the bills and balancing the checkbook, while the other person doesn't even see his or her paycheck because it's electronically deposited. Groceries and other household items are purchased, but the individual purchaser may not ever see the calculated effects on the couple's joint bank account; the other spouse handles all of that.

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