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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Avoiding costly financial errors in Texas divorce

There are many pitfalls during a separation that can lead to further complications down the line. For those going through a Texas divorce, it can be very easy to fall into difficult financial straits as a result of errors made during the separation process. It may be helpful to consider the following common financial mistakes many make in trying to get through a tough emotional time.

A Texas divorce without kids: Easier or not?

A recent news story asks whether divorce is easier if children aren't involved. While not having children means the divorcing parties can avoid nasty custody battles or child support issues, it does not necessarily make divorce in Texas any easier. Some people may disagree, though, saying that a divorce without children only requires division of money and property. But those issues are trying enough, and since the circumstances of each divorce are different, people experience the process in different ways.

A Texas divorce does not have to break the bank

Any divorce, whether in Texas or elsewhere, is bound to be emotionally trying. It can also hit both spouses in the pocketbook. However, those who plan ahead for a Texas divorce are more likely to achieve a fair settlement that not only takes care of the short term but also envisions the new life to come.

Divorcing Texas wife sues retailer over gifts from husband

An interesting case is making headlines in Texas. A woman embroiled in a bitter divorce is suing Neiman Marcus because the company has refused to take back over $1.4 million worth of merchandise. Many of the items were said to be gifts from the woman's husband, and they were initially purchased by her personal shopper, who is an employee of the retail store.

Texans considering divorce may learn from Kobe and Vanessa Bryant

Recently, Kobe and Vanessa Bryant announced that they have settled all issues concerning their marriage dissolution in a private manner. And it appears that good communication skills, which are just as essential in any Texas divorce, contributed to making the divorce process amicable for the NBA star and his wife.

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