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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Man files fake Texas divorce to marry 2nd wife

A flight instructor from Arlington was booked on adultery and bigamy charges after evidence was released that he had never officially split with his first wife before marrying his second. The 38-year-old Texas native reportedly spent weekdays living with one wife and child in Arlington, and spent his weekends in Grapevine with the woman he married after filing fake Texas divorce papers online. This arrangement has persisted for over three years.

Texas divorce lawyers opposed to new DIY forms

The Supreme Court of Texas has approved do-it-yourself divorce forms, much to the consternation of Texas divorce lawyers. Many lawyers in the state have reservations on whether the forms will be successful. The Supreme Court allows the forms to be used where a Texas divorce is uncontested.

Texas fathers' rights: Man battles in court for his daughter

Texas fathers may sometimes feel as if they are being unfairly treated in court when it comes to child custody. One man has been fighting for years to improve fathers' rights after he lost custody of his young daughter due to an outdated state law. The man is now waiting for a decision in his case.

Texans considering divorce may learn from Kobe and Vanessa Bryant

Recently, Kobe and Vanessa Bryant announced that they have settled all issues concerning their marriage dissolution in a private manner. And it appears that good communication skills, which are just as essential in any Texas divorce, contributed to making the divorce process amicable for the NBA star and his wife.

Deion and Pilar Sanders: a messy Texas divorce

As readers in El Paso may know, divorce is never easy, but it doesn't have to be a grueling mess, nor do the details of a couple's separation or their divorce proceedings have to be emblazoned across the news. However, sometimes emotions are so high and differences so great, the circumstances of a divorce become extremely volatile, and what maybe should be kept private becomes all-too-public.

Texas grand jury: murder-for-hire story made up for child custody

Readers in the El Paso area know that when parents divorce, children are thrust into a situation not of their making. And parents generally realize this, and try to protect their children in the best way they can. Sometimes, however, a dispute can arise that pits parents against each other so strongly that the disagreements could threaten child custody proceedings for one or even both of the adults.

Ensuring an equitable division of assets in Texas divorces

Before a Texas couple decides to divorce, oftentimes one of the spouses handles most if not all of the financial matters of the household. A married couple may share a bank account, but sometimes one person ends up paying the bills and balancing the checkbook, while the other person doesn't even see his or her paycheck because it's electronically deposited. Groceries and other household items are purchased, but the individual purchaser may not ever see the calculated effects on the couple's joint bank account; the other spouse handles all of that.

New book offers tips on how to co-parent after a divorce

Texans who are dealing with a divorce may be interested in a new book, humorously titled, "You Can Keep the Damn China! And 824 Other Great Tips on Dealing with Divorce." The book consists of brief and insightful comments from people from a range of backgrounds and who have previously gone through a divorce. Essentially, the book amasses a collection of potentially helpful advice that spans the emotional spectrum of post-divorce living.

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